Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thinking Deeply - The Element of Water

After a ridiculously long time out I thought it's time to get back on the Spirits cast 101 wagon (I've got a bit of catching up to do). I have Water, Earth and Air still to think on. And fire was hardly a triumph - more a smattering of thinking.

So... I've just been sitting in the bath thinking about water and what it means to me.

The main thing that comes to mind, is child birth, pregnancy and the mothers womb. This them follows on to warmth and feelings of love and nurturing. Eggs would be a good symbol of water, as well as water itself, fish, and blue/green crystals.

Water is cleansing for both body and spirit. I often find that bathing or showering gives me a feeling of cleanliness and lightness more than just not being dirty any more. It's a feeling that flows right through into my core. So clear crystals as well as blues and greens would be apt.

Water is also unforgiving, of storms and waves and sinking ships. While being nurturing water can be destructive.

Water's time would need to be dawn or dusk, where the warm half light bathes the earth in it's warm glow. My feelings would go for dusk rather than dawn just as water to me is a relaxing elements and dawn in enlivening rather than relaxing.

The interesting thing is right now I'm feeling that the moons aspect most suited to water would be the full moon, but I think that comes from the "knowledge" that the full of the moon is related to the mother aspect of the goddess - this part will definitely need some more thinking.

Friday, 5 February 2010

All Gone Belly Up

Life has been pants, small bit of info on my other blog http://thepurplepath.blogspot.com/ if you're interested.

But New Month, New Me ( I hope).

Hope to be back to this soonish but you'll have to give me a bit. I still need to work though my element associations and get back to a daily tarot draw.
Incidentally I have begun listening to Pagan Heart In Maine today and I was listening to the interview with the designer of the ocean oracle - I must look for this is sounds amazing!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Fire - Part One: Initial Ramblings

As part of the Sprits Cast 101 Feith has asked us to explore each of the elements and to find our own corespondances. For the most part I feel that Fire would be the easiest to start with... I know that ease is not the best reason to do anything but it's the best reaon I have. Besides.. I'm stupidly busy!

First off...
Fire to me is the element of passion, of anger, of desire.
It holds determination, creation and destuction.
The direction of Fire is south, to the direction of noon and the heat of the hight of the day.
The moon aspect is the full moon, the bightness of it at this time and it's relection of the suns light. The time of fire is noon. It's season is summer, after the main planting has been done and before the harvest has fully begun.
Both the full moon and noon are to me a time for stopping and seeing where you have been and where ypou have yet to go. Therefore fire is a sign of introspection, the top of the mountian, knowing you have a long way to go, yet have acheaved much.
I use candles and crystles of citrene, sunstone and clear quartz on my alter to represent fire. If I used one I would feel that an athame was the tool of fire, though a couldron could also be used.
Even though I use incence for the element of air insence is between and of both the elements of fire and air.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Progress with Daily Practice

Well I may not be perfect, I certainly have not kept up either this blog anywhere near how much I should but I have been making a little progress. (having said that this post has taken me 7 days to complete)

I now make an almost daily tarot draw and I spend some time drawing insight from my intuition before opening my books and looking up what they have to say. Sometimes they coincide, other times not, the difficult thing is interpreting what this might mean when they are mismatched.
At one point I had to have a break from this though. I kept pulling swords day after day. Things at the time were bad both at work and at home. I listened to the spirits cast episode where Feith mentioned about swords often being negative cards, when the very next day I pulled the three of swords. Obviously the three of swords feels like an ominous card, and looking in my books it appeared that every thing pointed to a break up in a relationship. With how things were going my mind immediately jumped to the worst conclusion.
For days I couldn't look at the cards.... afraid they would tell me something I wasn't able to deal with. I was in a flap the whole time.
Days of stressing later I decided that enough was enough and I had to get back on with it. I drew three cards, I can't remember what they were now but every card pointing to how things would be OK, or things are hard but it will pull you together... And the card on the bottom of the pile... The Nine of Swords... screaming to me about needless worry.
So this got me thinking - why on earth did I get that three of swords - thinking back I remembered a huge argument the afternoon of the day I pulled that card.

This has taught me not to jump to extremes when reading the cards - sometimes what they have to say just ain't that big!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

End of the Day - Water Purification Part 2

Well, I've felt great all day.
I'm finding it much easier to stay calm and happy today. This could well be coincidence but we'll see as time goes on.

When I get to bed tonight I'm going to go through the note I wrote while listening to Spirits Cast 101-01 again last night. I'm going to go through my list and see what I want to do next.

I have a signed copy of the Farah's "A Witches Bible" that I bought earlier this year. I'd always kept clear of it before because of the use of the word Bible, I thought it couldn't be any good if it used that word. But having met Janet Farah I can see how daft I was not to read it. Still I've not had the time since buying it to read it. I have very little left in the book I've had for bed time reading recently so as soon as I've finished that I'm going to start on that.

The day has been beautiful today. It's been wet and raining for what feels like forever. Today the sky has cleared and it has been icy cold. I can really feel winter closing in. I'm going to have to try to enjoy the changing of the seasons and not let winter get a grip on me and drag me down.

Water Purifiction

This morning I woke up with the intention of trying the water purification ritual. Unfortunately I couldn't get a moment prior to taking the dog out.
So I took the dog out first. We've had our first frost this morning, the world was very "other worldly" the grass was a muted green almost "off white" and as the sun had just risen above the horizon just the tops of the trees we bathed in that beautiful golden light of autumn.
As I walked I decided the light I would use would be either blue (like that of the protective bubble I've been using recently when meditating etc) or perhaps a warming relaxing peach.
Well I got home and took my water (along with my breakfast) out to the car in order to get it defrosting. I began by letting all my stress and the usual stuff leach out of my like black clouds of ink into the water. I then realised I had pent up anger that needed out so out that went as tendrils of barbed wire. But I also had a lot of regret and disappointment sat in side me, I think it must have been the first time I've ever rid myself of it as it fell out of me in a thick grey sludge. When all three had been removed as much as appeared possible I grew a seed of light in my glass. As the seed grew I realised it was neither of the colours I had decided on. It was a lemon yellow with gold flecks in. I've seen this colour before when I was doing healing and it was the colour at the time of the person's pulse. The light then wore down the black and grey rubbish in the glass and after some time I could feel it glowing.
Swallowing down I could feel it fill me body with the light. My body felt light, warm and breezy.

I think I'm going to try to start doing this every morning and perhaps have a candle to light and a tray or dish of salt to place the glass on and help with the cleansing and a candle to help with the light infusing.

The day is now half over and though I've had some stressy bits to my day I'm feeling a lot lighter. If I can I'll come back to write how the rest of my day goes later.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Daily Practice

I've been thinking about my lack of a formal daily practice.

At first I thought I had no daily practice at all. Then I've realised that I do - it's just not formalised.

I start the day by taking my dogs out and on the way I take time to look at the trees and hedges for signs of change, and try to take some time to apprietate the natural world.
On the way to the office each morning I spend time listening to pagan music and taking note of the changes around me and look for the wildlife and how a certain family of rabbits is fairing on the way.
I have an alter in our bedroom, which whilst may not be tended daily is kept seasonal and appreitated often.
I spend time watching the birds.
I never heseitate to come to the aid of an animal in distress.
In the evenings I spend time with our open fire enjoying the heat and the fire element.
I listen to pagan podcasts when ever I can and often take note of things I want to look up more on. I use the pagan podcasts to widen my horizans, not just a form of entertainment.
I try to keep note of the seasons and buy food that is both local and in season.
I spend time with the moon and the stars when they are out at night and try to keep track of phases and where they are in the sky.

None of this is formalised so it's tricky to work out if I have covered everything I do but I think it's time to stop feeling bad about not having a formal practice. I still want to created a daily ritual of sorts but I know now that I'm not quite as hopless as I thought I was.

I've been feeling awful for ages that I never seem to be able to hold an observation on the day of the Sabats. Feith said in one her recent Spirits Casts about the Sabats being seasons more that days - that's helped me realise I'm more of a seasons person than a getting my kit out for the holyday type of person. I need to find a practice that suits me, not what I think it "should" be done.