Saturday, 7 November 2009

Daily Practice

I've been thinking about my lack of a formal daily practice.

At first I thought I had no daily practice at all. Then I've realised that I do - it's just not formalised.

I start the day by taking my dogs out and on the way I take time to look at the trees and hedges for signs of change, and try to take some time to apprietate the natural world.
On the way to the office each morning I spend time listening to pagan music and taking note of the changes around me and look for the wildlife and how a certain family of rabbits is fairing on the way.
I have an alter in our bedroom, which whilst may not be tended daily is kept seasonal and appreitated often.
I spend time watching the birds.
I never heseitate to come to the aid of an animal in distress.
In the evenings I spend time with our open fire enjoying the heat and the fire element.
I listen to pagan podcasts when ever I can and often take note of things I want to look up more on. I use the pagan podcasts to widen my horizans, not just a form of entertainment.
I try to keep note of the seasons and buy food that is both local and in season.
I spend time with the moon and the stars when they are out at night and try to keep track of phases and where they are in the sky.

None of this is formalised so it's tricky to work out if I have covered everything I do but I think it's time to stop feeling bad about not having a formal practice. I still want to created a daily ritual of sorts but I know now that I'm not quite as hopless as I thought I was.

I've been feeling awful for ages that I never seem to be able to hold an observation on the day of the Sabats. Feith said in one her recent Spirits Casts about the Sabats being seasons more that days - that's helped me realise I'm more of a seasons person than a getting my kit out for the holyday type of person. I need to find a practice that suits me, not what I think it "should" be done.


  1. I don't have a daily thing at all! Formal or informal really. With the exception of my own blog. I find it difficult to do a lot of the things i want to do because I am in the closet to my parents right now. I want to start a daily practice, something small that only takes a few minutes and wont leave me late for the bus. Or I wont be to tired to do at night. Im glad though, you get to do all of these things! (Things don't change in appearance here... except the color of grass is either light brown or dark brown...)

  2. I really want to start a real daily practice too. I forget how lucky I am to live somewhere we get the full range of seasons. When you live here all the time you begin to take it for granted.


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