Monday, 30 November 2009

Progress with Daily Practice

Well I may not be perfect, I certainly have not kept up either this blog anywhere near how much I should but I have been making a little progress. (having said that this post has taken me 7 days to complete)

I now make an almost daily tarot draw and I spend some time drawing insight from my intuition before opening my books and looking up what they have to say. Sometimes they coincide, other times not, the difficult thing is interpreting what this might mean when they are mismatched.
At one point I had to have a break from this though. I kept pulling swords day after day. Things at the time were bad both at work and at home. I listened to the spirits cast episode where Feith mentioned about swords often being negative cards, when the very next day I pulled the three of swords. Obviously the three of swords feels like an ominous card, and looking in my books it appeared that every thing pointed to a break up in a relationship. With how things were going my mind immediately jumped to the worst conclusion.
For days I couldn't look at the cards.... afraid they would tell me something I wasn't able to deal with. I was in a flap the whole time.
Days of stressing later I decided that enough was enough and I had to get back on with it. I drew three cards, I can't remember what they were now but every card pointing to how things would be OK, or things are hard but it will pull you together... And the card on the bottom of the pile... The Nine of Swords... screaming to me about needless worry.
So this got me thinking - why on earth did I get that three of swords - thinking back I remembered a huge argument the afternoon of the day I pulled that card.

This has taught me not to jump to extremes when reading the cards - sometimes what they have to say just ain't that big!!!

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  1. i enjoyed reading this today.. i in an odd way resonated with needless stress or worry that i have been working with.. *smiles*

    thank you !!

    *twirls around*


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