Friday, 6 November 2009

Spirits Cast 101 - The Begining

I'm starting this new blog in order to begin with the Spirits Cast 101 by Feithline Stuart, (formerly known as DarklyFey). 

Having been a listener of The Dark Side of Fey for some time now I have found Feith to be truly inspirational. I find she thinks in a very similar way to myself.

In the past few days I found she has begun a new podcast - Spirits Cast - and as part of this she has begun a new project called Spirits Cast 101. As she said this is not a wicca 101 course. It is a guide to daily practice.

Having very little time in my life I find it hard to fit in any daily practice so this could well be a rare gift for me.

So now I need to hunt out my tarot cards. I've decided I want to do the single draw each day. Not just because of the insights it can give but in order to become more familiar with my cards. I wondering about looking for a new deck. I currently use the Universal Waite deck. It just happened to come as a set with a book that I got when still a teen. But I have no idea how to choose a deck. Do you chose on like you do with crystals and pick them up and look at them until you feel that click or should you look into them more academically?

Anyway, I've only listened to 101-01 once so far so I think I need to sit down with the cast again and write notes on what to do next.

Thanks Feith (do you mind me calling you that? or should it be Feithline?) this looks like it could be an awesome journey.


  1. Feith is just fine, sweetie. :) It's what most people call me!

  2. Thanks Feith - I would hate to offend you!

  3. Interesting post...I'll follow your blog, love to hear updates and thoughts about this as you go.



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