Monday, 9 November 2009

Water Purifiction

This morning I woke up with the intention of trying the water purification ritual. Unfortunately I couldn't get a moment prior to taking the dog out.
So I took the dog out first. We've had our first frost this morning, the world was very "other worldly" the grass was a muted green almost "off white" and as the sun had just risen above the horizon just the tops of the trees we bathed in that beautiful golden light of autumn.
As I walked I decided the light I would use would be either blue (like that of the protective bubble I've been using recently when meditating etc) or perhaps a warming relaxing peach.
Well I got home and took my water (along with my breakfast) out to the car in order to get it defrosting. I began by letting all my stress and the usual stuff leach out of my like black clouds of ink into the water. I then realised I had pent up anger that needed out so out that went as tendrils of barbed wire. But I also had a lot of regret and disappointment sat in side me, I think it must have been the first time I've ever rid myself of it as it fell out of me in a thick grey sludge. When all three had been removed as much as appeared possible I grew a seed of light in my glass. As the seed grew I realised it was neither of the colours I had decided on. It was a lemon yellow with gold flecks in. I've seen this colour before when I was doing healing and it was the colour at the time of the person's pulse. The light then wore down the black and grey rubbish in the glass and after some time I could feel it glowing.
Swallowing down I could feel it fill me body with the light. My body felt light, warm and breezy.

I think I'm going to try to start doing this every morning and perhaps have a candle to light and a tray or dish of salt to place the glass on and help with the cleansing and a candle to help with the light infusing.

The day is now half over and though I've had some stressy bits to my day I'm feeling a lot lighter. If I can I'll come back to write how the rest of my day goes later.

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