Monday, 7 December 2009

Fire - Part One: Initial Ramblings

As part of the Sprits Cast 101 Feith has asked us to explore each of the elements and to find our own corespondances. For the most part I feel that Fire would be the easiest to start with... I know that ease is not the best reason to do anything but it's the best reaon I have. Besides.. I'm stupidly busy!

First off...
Fire to me is the element of passion, of anger, of desire.
It holds determination, creation and destuction.
The direction of Fire is south, to the direction of noon and the heat of the hight of the day.
The moon aspect is the full moon, the bightness of it at this time and it's relection of the suns light. The time of fire is noon. It's season is summer, after the main planting has been done and before the harvest has fully begun.
Both the full moon and noon are to me a time for stopping and seeing where you have been and where ypou have yet to go. Therefore fire is a sign of introspection, the top of the mountian, knowing you have a long way to go, yet have acheaved much.
I use candles and crystles of citrene, sunstone and clear quartz on my alter to represent fire. If I used one I would feel that an athame was the tool of fire, though a couldron could also be used.
Even though I use incence for the element of air insence is between and of both the elements of fire and air.

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