Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thinking Deeply - The Element of Water

After a ridiculously long time out I thought it's time to get back on the Spirits cast 101 wagon (I've got a bit of catching up to do). I have Water, Earth and Air still to think on. And fire was hardly a triumph - more a smattering of thinking.

So... I've just been sitting in the bath thinking about water and what it means to me.

The main thing that comes to mind, is child birth, pregnancy and the mothers womb. This them follows on to warmth and feelings of love and nurturing. Eggs would be a good symbol of water, as well as water itself, fish, and blue/green crystals.

Water is cleansing for both body and spirit. I often find that bathing or showering gives me a feeling of cleanliness and lightness more than just not being dirty any more. It's a feeling that flows right through into my core. So clear crystals as well as blues and greens would be apt.

Water is also unforgiving, of storms and waves and sinking ships. While being nurturing water can be destructive.

Water's time would need to be dawn or dusk, where the warm half light bathes the earth in it's warm glow. My feelings would go for dusk rather than dawn just as water to me is a relaxing elements and dawn in enlivening rather than relaxing.

The interesting thing is right now I'm feeling that the moons aspect most suited to water would be the full moon, but I think that comes from the "knowledge" that the full of the moon is related to the mother aspect of the goddess - this part will definitely need some more thinking.

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